In a time before the ascension of humanity, the dwarves ruled a vast Northern empire called Derwidia. After a period of accelerated decline, the remnants of Derwidia migrated South and founded a new dwarven civilization on the borders of lands inhabited by other races and peoples of which the dwarves had had little or no experience.

In recent times, a movement has sprung up among these remnant dwarves, who call themselves the Ruudin. This movement seeks to rediscover and restore lost aspects of Derwidian civilization such as artifacts and items of religious, historical, and cultural significance as well as the old Derwidian cities themselves. This group calls themselves the Reclaimers and have founded a guild of adherents both to their philosophy as well as the practical undertaking of exploration, archaeological study, etc. Depending on the disposition of dwarven politicians, the Reclaimers have the potential to wield significant clout especially given their popularity among the common populace.

At present, the Kal Thane is a major supporter of the guild and has granted them significant authority in his name. However, the guild has not been powerful enough to quell rumors of a rediscovered deep which may very well be Duargrad, a city famous for its wealth in silver and other riches. Isolated as it is, the ruin has remained remarkably pristine except for an infestation of goblins who have harried all attempts to fully explore the area. Because of the rumors, others from all over the Known World have arrived in a sort of grand migration, forming a tent city which is closed to the outside world nine months of the year due to the harsh Northern climate.

It is at this place that our adventurers will come together in common purpose, all seeking their fortunes.

Deep Dwarf Rush