Deeps are dwarven cities typically located in dormant volcanoes that have magma or hot gases necessary to keep the settlements warm. Deeps are often industrial centers as well, built around foundries, forges, and mines.

In the time of the Derwidian Empire, most but not all dwarven cities were deeps. Others were surface-based settlements in an architectural style called Palgrid that has fallen into disuse due to the greater dangers posed by creatures who prey on dwarves where once they were culled by a strong nation.

In the remnant state of Ruudingard, there are six deeps many of which are small and still undergoing major long-term construction. Independent of Ruudigard and its influence is the Seventh Deep, an ancient Derwidian fortress-city called Pelgrad which is still defended by the warrior race that split from those that would become the Ruudin during the Southern Exodus.

Although dwarven cities are commonly called deeps, even by dwarves, the Derwidian term for them is “grads”. This term also denotes the building style, called Yngrad, as opposed to the Palgrid style. All of the Ruudingard deeps have the suffix “grad” in keeping with the Derwidian tradition of attaching “grad” to the names of their cities and “gard” to the names of their provinces, as in Ruudingard.


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