Pronunciation: Der-vid-ia

Derwidia is the name of an ancient dwarven empire that spanned most of the Northspire Mountains. Made of interconnected cities called deeps, the empire was primarily subterranean though in warmer regions the dwarves built cities in the Palgrid style.

During the empire’s time, dwarves had little contact with other races. There were infrequent wars with goblinoids, trollkin, and other savage races, but no trade or diplomatic relations with the southern peoples.

A few thousand years ago, no one is sure exactly how long ago, Derwidia collapsed under the weight of several critical problems. Contemporary scholars and archaeologists have competing theories as to the severity of these problems in relation to each other, some blaming increasing civil strife more than anything and others indicating that dramatic increases in goblinoid populations was the biggest issues. It is generally agreed that Derwidia faced these two problems and many more, such as a changing climate which caused agricultural decline. Some have theorized plagues and natural disasters.

At some point, the last great deeps were abandoned and the dwarves fled south to the their frontier which bordered the open lands of southern Northworld. They licked their wounds for several generations, they have emerged with anew as the Ruudin and have reached out to the world and their neighbors from their new realm, which they call Ruudingard.


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