In Jhai, goblins are a savage species with no culture. They are concerned with breeding, spreading, consuming. They are a plague, leaving only desolation in their wake.

Goblins breed quickly and in vast numbers, spreading throughout subterranean cave systems, tunnels, and dwarven ruins to plague not only neighboring civilizations but even other monstrous races and creatures in the same habitat. Once they have spread to an area with resources they can exploit, they consume whatever they can and then move on. They will eat any flesh but can sustain themselves through cannibalism for years while small groups scout for new conquests.

It was once thought that goblins could be reasoned with like any other intelligent race, even the barbaric ones such as orcs or wemics. However, goblins have proven themselves utterly alien to the basically common interests of other intelligent races. They are not interested in hearth or home, have no values or ethics to speak of, and seem only concerned with the propogation and spread of their gibbering, ferocious race.

Alone, a goblin is not a significant threat even for one with little combat experience. The power of goblins, such as it is, lies in their numbers. They are swarmers and ambushers, very seldom willing to engage without vastly outnumbering their victims.

It should be noted that there are many varities of “goblin” and the species is sometimes referred to as “goblinoids” by scholars. With such fast successions of generation, goblins seem to manifest unusual sets of traits, most of which are detrimental mutations that lend the creatures a horrible visage. Others have proven more useful, creating smarter and/or more dangerous breeds though thankfully these incidents are rare.

While goblins have historically been thought of as a problem for mountain-dwelling and subterranean peoples such as dwarves or mio, there are rumors of roaming bands that brave the sunlight which most goblins are highly allergic to. If such creatures ever breed in strength, goblins may someday threaten all.


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