This term refers both to a cultural movement amongst Ruudin dwarves as well as a guild founded by archaeologists and explorers to put the Reclaimer doctrine into practical effect.

Reclaimer Doctrine

Reclaimers believe that it is paramount that the Ruudin reconnect with their origins and reclaim their cultural heritage. They believe that dwarven civilization doomed to decline, a nation of refugees still licking their wounds after centuries of shame. For revenge and for the reestablishment of a proud dwarven civilization, the Reclaimers advocate active exploration of Northspire to locate and survey ancient Derwidian settlements in an effort to reclaim lost technology, artifacts, traditions, and ultimately their original homeland.

Some extremists are disgusted by Ruudin policy of cooperation and trade with their neighbors. These individuals tend to be at the fringes of Ruudin and Reclaimer society, possessed of a prejudiced disposition toward non-dwarves that is more generally kept private in the mainstream.

Reclaimer Guild

Founded over three hundred years ago, the Reclaimer Guild was a logical step for those individuals who believed in the doctrine strongly enough to do something about it. Funding its expeditions by selling mineral prospecting rights to companies throughout Ruudingard, they were able to make several key discoveries which helped the movement capture the imagination of the dwarven public. Since then they have enjoyed steady popularity with the citizenry and have tried to maintain a significant level of political clout.

The support granted the Reclaimers by the dwarven leadership is largely dependant on the attitudes of the Thanes and Kal Thane at any given time. Currently, they enjoy a lot of power and prestige as the current Kal Thane is a true believer in the Reclaimer cause.

Since becoming a true power in dwarven society generations ago, the guild has created chapters in most of the six deeps of Ruudingard. In addition to archaeologists, scholars, and explorers the guild also employs prospectors, scouts, mountaineers, soldiers, and other specialized staff. The Reclaimers have even been known to induct members of other races into temporary service, though non-dwarves are not allowed admission into the guild.

Guild Organization

The guild is led by a Guildmaster who is elected by the Housemasters from each of the four Reclaimer Chapterhouses from among their own ranks after the previous Guildmaster’s term has ended. Terms last twenty years and can either end naturally or be suspended due to corruption, incompetence, mishap, etc.

Housemasters employ their own support staff though they are relatively powerless from behind a desk. It is the Reclaimer Field Agency that makes the true decisions right where it matters. The Field Agency answers to the Guildmaster but there is a network of Field Commanders who lead large scale expeditions. Regular Field Agents support the Commanders as well as conducting smaller expeditions and functions on behalf of the guild.

Reclaimer Field Agents are highly trained in specialized fields such as combat and tactics, survival, diplomacy, field archaeology, etc.

For more information on the Reclaimer presence in the campaign “Deep Dwarf Rush”, see the article “DDR Factions Reclaimers”.


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