This term refers to the various types of troll that dwell primarily in mountainous regions and sometimes underground. There are many varieties of troll which are collectively referred to as “trollkin”.

Once, trollkin were thought to be goblinoids but it has been documented that they are a different species altogether. The trollkin display a goblin-like tendency toward genetic variance including a myriad of adaptations which manifest themselves in remarkable ways. This and their monstrous appearance gave rise to the belief that they are related to goblins.

Trolls are distinct from other monsters in a number of ways. Unlike goblins, they are generally solitary creatures although they sometimes band together in small groups for prey too difficult to handle alone. Also unlike goblins, trolls are not known to be tool-using. Most troll species are larger than humans or orcs and certainly goblins and are equipped with fearsome natural weaponry such as claws and tusks.

Although there are many known subspecies of troll, all trolls are able to regenerate quickly and are very difficult to kill. Some trolls have particular weaknesses such as fire or acid. People in Northworld, where trolls are more common, are often told myths about the creatures as children including legends about their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes this information is simply fiction, perhaps passed down from truth over many generations.

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