human race

Jhai has been dominated by the various human civilizations for many reasons but especially their relatively high level of adaptability. In their infancy, humans struggled for survival in secluded tribes scattered across the face of the world. During the decline of the great empires that ruled the world in antiquity, the humans bred new generations so quickly that before the rest of the world knew it, a new and powerful race was emerging. One that can seemingly survive in any environment and has achieved a technological proficiency in drastically less time than the elder races, such as the dwarves.

Humans are fractured, driven apart by differences more readily than drawn together by common ground. As such they are as contentious with each other as they ever are with the other races. In their early days, humans were warlike and aggressive, stopping at nothing to expand and secure the vast resources needed to support populations that grew and grew. Only recently have some societies thrown off the reputation of greed and imperialism to assume a new spirit of cooperation and diplomacy with their nonhuman neighbors. Their reputation for greed and ambition is still held in some circles, and certain cynics see their developments toward cooperation as a guise for exploitation through trade.

As they are so fractured, humans are extremely variable and have little sense of racial unity when compared to nonhumans like the formians or vaxier. The evolution of their generations being as fast as it is, all kinds of physical features have emerged with patterns based on the familiar factors such as ecology, diet, etc.

Humans are hard to describe in terms of a cohesive racial identity. They are deeply paradoxical beings, always in contradiction to each other and thus in disharmony on one level or another with others of their kinds. As soon as you think you have understood them, they will change in some subtle or dramatic way and surprise you all over again.

Although they are split into many tribes, factions, and cultures, there are the dominant nations which are different enough from each other to deserve more specific notation. These include:

*Included in Pelygda are:

human race

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