Reclaimer Employment Contracts

When Three Camps first came together, it was a chaotic mess in which the Reclaimers wielded little power and were forced to pay exorbitant prices for the recovery of Derwidian artifacts from within the deep. A few skirmishes proved that tensions in the camps had risen beyond acceptable levels and so Guntar Blockbow was sent to the area to administer and try to find a way to deal with the prospectors, merchants, outsiders, and opportunists who had sprung up in the region like weeds.

Bringing enough dwarven warriors to back his play, Blockbow demanded that all freelancers submit to Reclaimer authority or be driven from Three Camps. Some left, others accepted and Blockbow bestowed the employment contracts as a writ of permission to work in the region with several important provisions. In addition, the Reclaimers could sell the contracts into the vibrant laborer market of Three Camps in order to generate additional income to counterbalance the prices charged by larger factions for the recovery of artifacts and information about the interior of the ruin. Few freelancers are now, one year later, still in the employ of the Reclaimers.

The provisions on the contracts are as follows:

  • 1. Freelancers may not demand any price for a recovered artifact, but must adhere to posted Reclaimer compensation policy.
  • 2. Freelancers may not perform work around Three Camps nor enter the deep without having first being issued a contract.
  • 3. Freelancers must work for the holders of their contracts, though they are to be paid for it.
  • 4. Freelancers may not work for other freelancers, if one freelancer holds the contract of another it must be sold immediately or the holder risks expulsion from Three Camps and revocation of their employable status.

Employment contracts are a sort of currency in Three Camps. They change hands very often, especially as the fortunes of the various factions and personalities in the area ebb and flow. A good indication that someone has found something, be it an important relic or simply information, is that they will seek out loose contracts.

Reclaimer Employment Contracts

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